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System Overview

Benefit Beyond: System Overview - OMA Emirates

Additional Features

Benefit Beyond Loyalty Program

A stand-alone single brand loyalty program, it focuses on strengthening customer relationships. The robust solution comes along with database management and customized mobile applications to suit business requirements.

Benefit Beyond Club

Built to accommodate multi-brand participation, the loyalty program enables customers to accumulate and redeem points within the network of participating brands. Additionally, it also allows customers to redeem the points over multiple channels which include POS, kiosk, mobile, etc. Another key feature is that it allows customers to avail of points across multiple outlets including airlines, supermarkets, entertainment houses, etc. The solution is built on the OMA Emirates network of terminals where accrual and redemption of points can be done on any of these terminals.

Prepaid Card Program

A specialized program which doubles up like a debit card is tailor made to suit individual business needs. The instant issuance and usage of the card is also supported with the option to reload cash. The two options include an open loop program in which the card is authorized by a banking or financial institution and enables customers to use it through any network similar to a debit or credit card. In the closed loop platform, the program runs within a network of participating outlets. This program is also used on our Cashless Campus and Cashless Fest service.

  • Cashless Campus: As part of the prepaid card program for schools, a specialized prepaid card is provided which doubles up like a debit card tailor-made to suit the school requirement which can be used for school fees, activities, excursions etc. The instant issuance and usage of the card is also supported with the option to reload cash. This closed loop platform would control the optimal usage of money, provide cash protection and enable track spending.

  • Cashless Fest: The Cashless Fest Prepaid Card Program, a flagship program of Benefit Beyond through which a customer's prepaid card is topped up like a debit card can be used as an alternative to cash at participating outlets. Cardholders will be able to pay at stalls holding POS Terminals by Benefit Beyond. At the end of the event, each of the participating outlet payment would be settled depending on the transaction summary. The settlement report could be provided to the client in turn.

Gift Card Program

A fully automated closed loop solution, the program is available for malls, supermarkets and retail outlets and is suitable for a chain of stores and large scale merchants. The cards which can be white labelled follows a simple procedure on customer onboarding and processing.

BB Pay

OMA Emirates' is in the process of developing a BB Pay mobile wallet. It will be built to accept QR code payments, NFC (Tap n Go) and acceptance on e-Commerce sites. The QR code besides reading the codes on products and terminals also contains a virtual payment concept which allows quicker check out. An easy to use application, customers can check out at participating outlets by accessing the mobile wallet, making in-store purchases or just taping the mobile device at the terminal.

BB Mobile App

A first of its kind, the Benefit Beyond Mobile Application is set to be introduced to meet multi-tasking on a single application. This behavioral app will adapt to the customer's selection and will be a one stop solution for the end-user. In short, the BB Mobile App will include GEO marketing, BB Pay, multi loyalty program, mobile key, m-commerce, mobile check-in , M-parking , taxi bookings, utility payments, remittances, loyalty, gift, prepaid card, store locators, public transport utilities, etc. The app will be avail for both iOS and Android users.

Features of the Card

White Label

Specially designed to help large organizations create their personalized customer loyalty program.


Benefit Beyond also works as an E-Purse wallet that allows consumers to add money to their wallet to use along with loyalty points in real time across the OMA Emirates network of over 10000 POS Terminals.

Other Features

Smart Cards, Magnetic Stripe and Contactless options.


Add Your Loyalty

By adding your loyalty to the list will help you get recognition, increase sales and is also available for your customers to redeem points from any locations of the terminals deployed. Our program team will assist in adding your program on our platform.

Advantage for Retail Stores

Retail Stores can also create a low cost loyalty program by collaborating with Benefit Beyond. This would help in increasing customers, advocacy and reducing advertising and marketing cost. As customers will be able to redeem points from any location, this would create value for their own loyalty program. Our program team will create a direct settlement to avail loyalty points by deploying terminals where payments and VAS can be used.

Loyalty Program into our terminals

Your Loyalty program will be deployed on Allo Terminals, ADIMAC POS payment terminals and new terminals installed.

Download the Benefit Beyond Mobile App

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