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Our E-Voucher system is a comprehensive solution targeting the distribution of value–added electronic payment solutions for multi-channel prepaid services creating and managing electronic vouchers for services such as telephone, internet, transportation, events, etc. The E-Voucher can be printed via POS systems in online or offline mode and are securely stored in encrypted format to be printed upon demand. In addition to the E-Voucher code, providers may opt to print other information on the E-vouchers such as service provider information, user instructions, product barcode, usage terms and conditions as well as marketing and advertising material.

The E-Voucher system supports multiple POS hardwares and has been developed with the latest encryption decryption technology, a flexible database and a web–friendly interface with powerful tools to efficiently and effectively manage provider's business and distribution networks. The user-friendly web-based server is equipped with cutting-edge management tools to control, configure and supervise distribution of services at all levels and offer users the ability to view reports and maintain data. The structure comprises of a three-tier architecture providing present authorization and system control levels.

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